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How has the dental office changed since the emergence of COVD-19?

Be prepared for several changes. The waiting room will have limited chairs, a plexiglass barrier for the front desk, and no magazines, children’s books, video games, or treasure box. Ideally, each patient should enter and be directed to the operatory with minimal time spent in the waiting area.

Our front desk staff will be equipped with face shields, masks and gloves. Our dentists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists will have personal protective equipment (PPE) consisting of a bouffant cap, isolation gown, booties, face shield, N95 mask or equivalent, and non-latex nitrile gloves.

Air purification systems have been set up in the front waiting area, operatories, and back office to help clean and circulate the air. Extra-oral evacuation systems and Purevac intra-oral suction devices have been obtained to minimize aerosol production from aerosol-generating procedures as much as possible. An extended period of time will be required between patients in order to allow any aerosols to settle before implementing proper infection control protocols. This downtime will be determined by the Ministry of Health and the RCDSO.

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How do we schedule and confirm our appointments?

Our front desk is responsible for co-ordinating our schedule. In order to book an appointment, you will need to provide your name, contact information, and the nature of your call. Due to COVID-19, you will also have to answer screening questions prior to obtaining an appointment. If the screening is negative, our staff will allocate a date and time that is both convenient for your schedule and sufficient in time to meet your dental needs. You will receive a confirmation phone call (or text if preferred) 48-72 hours prior to your appointment. Please remember to confirm your appointment with one of our staff or leave a voice message or text if after hours.

Your appointment is directly intertwined with the schedules of our dentist, dental assistant, and dental hygienist. Please try to be on time. Arriving late adversely affects the schedule of the dentist or hygienist and patients who are to follow. If you are running late, please call the office to make sure that there will be sufficient time to complete your dental procedure. If not, you may have to have your appointment rescheduled.

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What should we know about our appointments?

If it is your first appointment, please fill out the new patient medical and privacy/consent forms online and provide your contact information, insurance details, and COVID-19 screening answers over the phone.

Existing patients will need to update all their contact, insurance, and COVID-19 screening information over the phone prior to attending their appointments. We would like to minimize waiting room occupancy as much as possible.

When you arrive at your appointment, one of our staff with unlock and open the door for you. Each patient will have their temperature checked and recorded with a non-contact infrared thermometer. Patients are required to wash their hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer placed right next to the front entrance. The waiting room will have minimal chairs in order to comply with physical distancing regulations.

Only one person is allowed to enter for a scheduled appointment. Any accompanying family members or friends will have to wait outside the office (e.g. in car). They will be notified by either phone call or text once the appointment is finished. If the appointment is for a child, only one parent/legal guardian is allowed to accompany the child in order to minimize the number of individuals in the office.

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How do I transfer files from my previous office?

You will need to sign a release of records consent form. This form will give our office permission to obtain dental records from your previous dentist on your behalf. We may either fax or email the request to your previous office and they should provide us with information as to when you had your last recall or complete exam, scaling, prophy and x-rays

They will also transfer your most recent x-rays to our office. Alternatively, you may go to your previous office and request a copy of your file and x-rays and bring it directly to our office.

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How are the fees determined for dental procedures?

Fees for dental procedures are determined by the Ontario Dental Association’s Suggested Fee Guide for General Practictioners, and is based on dental services performed by dentists. The cost of a dental appointment is based on the total fee for dental service(s) rendered in that appointment. Lab fees are not included in the ODA fee guide and are considered an additional treatment cost.

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What if I have dental insurance?

Please provide our office with your insurance information, including your full name, date of birth, name of the insurance company, and policy number prior to your appointment. If possible, please provide us with a breakdown of what your dental policy covers (benefits booklet). Using this information, we can help you determine what dental services are covered and what is not included, along with your specific calendar year, annual maximums, and deductibles. Many insurance companies will no longer provide any information to dental offices and will only communicate with plan members.

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Is your office assignment or non-assignment?

We are an assignment office. If you have dental insurance, we bill your insurance company directly and you do not have to pay up front. On the day of treatment, claim forms are filled out, signed by the patient, and sent directly to the insurance company for reimbursement. The only exception will be if an insurance company directly pays their plan members (patient) and not the provider (dental office) due to the set up of the contact between the employer and insurance company. These patients must pay our office for treatment on the date of service and get reimbursed directly by their insurance company afterwards.

If a patient has dual insurance, we will wait to receive payment from your primary insurer before sending the claim to your secondary insurer for the remaining amount. If your insurer(s) does not pay your claim in full, our office will send you a statement outlining what has been paid and the remaining balance that needs to be settled.

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Does your office collect co-payment?

Yes. Dentists are required to make a reasonable effort to collect the co-payment portion of dental fees that are the responsibility of the patient. The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) helps ensure dentists adhere to this requirement. In certain instances, the dentist may run into difficulties collecting co-payment. In these situations, the term “reasonable” should be assessed, taking into account the deterring circumstances and documenting the situation accordingly.

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How can I determine how much my insurance plan will cover for major work?

We are able to send a pre-determination (estimate) to your insurance company. If you have dual insurance, it may be submitted to both insurers to obtain greater coverage. Major procedures need to be authorized in advance due to higher costs.

Prior to treatment, the applicable procedural codes and their associated dental fees are sent to your insurance company in order to determine treatment eligibility and benefit coverage. Additional information may be requested by your insurer from your dentist and specific forms will be provided for completion.

Once all the information is obtained, a decision will be made as to whether the procedures will be covered and to what extent. All, some or none of your treatments may be covered. Sometimes coverage may be limited to an alternative, less expensive procedure, known as an alternative benefit clause. There is also a time frame during which your estimate is valid and treatment must be completed and submitted to your insurer before its expiry date. Lastly, if you decide to proceed with treatment it is your responsibility to pay for your portion of the treatment cost (if any) on the date of completion.

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What if I don’t have dental insurance?

Our office will always try to work with patients and their financial situation. Please let us know of your circumstances and we will establish an appropriate time frame to complete the necessary treatment plan while attempting to minimize the immediate financial impact.

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What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept debit, cheque, cash, and the following credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express.

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Are you accepting new patients?

New patients are always welcome to our practice. Please call our office to set up an appointment for a new patient exam.

You can find our contact information under "Contact" tab in the menu or click here to be redicted to the contact page.